Fingerprint-Based Background Checks

We offer Georgia Applicant Processing Services (GAPS.) The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process:

Register – The applicant must register prior to coming to the fingerprint site or sending hard copy fingerprint cards. You can register online at During the registration process, all demographic data for the applicant is collected (name, address, DOB etc.) along with notices about identification requirements and other important information.

When registering on-line, an applicant must use the appropriate agency specific Agency ID to ensure they are processed for the correct agency. Using the correct Agency ID ensures the background check is submitted for the correct purpose.

Payment – Payment must be made online at the above web address. Applicants must pay online at the time of registration using a credit/debit card, or the transaction may be billed to your employer using agency pay.

Registration ID – All applicants will receive a Registration ID. Print and bring your registration ID to fingerprint location or write this number on the back of the card if sending a hardcopy.

Fingerprint Locations – After registration, the applicant proceeds to the fingerprint site of their choice for fingerprinting. The location of the fingerprint sites and days and hours of operation for each site are posted on Gemalto website at

Fingerprinting – At the fingerprint site the Live Scan operator manages the fingerprint collection process. Applicants that are out-of-state, unable to visit an electronic fingerprinting location, or are otherwise unable to be electronically fingerprinted may submit hard copy fingerprint cards to Gemalto Cogent. Follow instructions on how to submit hard copy Fingerprint cards on their website at Just click on Information and choose How to Submit Ink Cards from the menu.

Report Access – If an applicant needs to confirm or view the report, the applicant may visit the GAPS website and simply check status of their file by providing alternate personal information. Applicants will enter their personal information after clicking in the Applicant and View Registration Status on the drop-down option to obtain their report information.

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